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   Keep your business safe and secure  
with a professionally installed system!  
Security Systems 

Don't worry about your property, we've got you covered. With a professionally installed and monitored system you can have peace of mind that someone is there when you need them. Our systems are sold &  installed based on a site survey and your needs.

Detection Made Easy
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You can help avoid a break-in with a properly installed system. Current security system technology makes it easy to detect an intruder, sound an alarm, call the police, and get notified on your phone all within seconds. 

Smartphone Apps

Call us now to get the latest security systems and automation in the palm of your hand! 

Understanding Your Security System

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Motion Detectors

Security systems have motion detection to detect intruders on the inside of a business. Motion detectors typically are used when the business is not occupied.

Door Contact

Door Contacts

Door contacts sense the movement of doors. These are installed on exterior doors and can also be on overhead doors, interior doors and other entrances.

Window Contact

Window Contacts

Window contacts alert you if a window is raised or ajar. Weekly checks to make sure your windows are locked are a great way to stay secure. 

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The keypad is your command center for your system. Today's keypads are easy to use and support multimedia functions such as weather reports and voice memos.


Glassbreak Detectors

Glassbreak detectors alert you if a window or door glass is shattered. These are particularly useful on store fronts.

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Hold-up  / Medical Alerts

Hold-up buttons and Medical alerts can be stationary or wireless. These are great to summon help in the event of a robbery or other situation.

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